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Ethanol Conversion Upgrade System

Let's start with the #1 question. Why upgrade your vehicle to flex fuel?

* E85 is a green, renewable fuel
* Using E85 willl actually reduce vehicle repair costs.
* E85 reduces the cancer causing chemicals released*
E85 is typically 20% - 30% cheaper than premium gas.
.* Ethanol is an American Made and supports American families.
.* E85 burns cooler than gasoline and keeps engine parts cleaner.
* E85 has an even higher octane rating compared to premium gas.

.No longer are we as consumers stuck with fueling our vehicles with Dirty Oil.
We have a choice to use a superior fuel that is made
by hard working middle class Americans.
Jonny Energy's Flex Fuel upgrade with True Cold Start
technology allows gasoline operated vehicles
to run on ethanol, gasoline or any blended combination.
Jonny Energy offers the most advanced E85 Conversion kits.

Jonny Energy, Fuel Flex International, and Flex Fuel US
have teamed up to support the Made in America movement.
Together we support American manufacturers across many states.  
When our customers upgrade their vehicles to ethanol and use E85 they are
supporting Thousands of American farmers
and plant workers across our great USA!

Our E85 Conversion Upgrade Kits are Made In America  
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Jonny Energy offers the only 100% Made In America e85 conversion kit on the market.  Our E85 conversion is second to none when it comes to quality and customer service.Don't be fooled by the many companies now appearing offering a cheaper copy of our e85 conversions.FFI and Jonny Energy has spent many years and countless hours improving our flex fuel conversion kits. This keeps us on top of the E85 conversion market. If you are going to burn a 100% American made fuel then why not use a flex fuel conversion that is also American made.
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